Welcome to the "Manga drawing workshop" special website.
This website is for the "Manga drawing workshop" at "Kotatsu Japanese animation festival" at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff 2016

For workshop details, bookings, or any other information please go to "DETAIL".
Bookings are not available at the Chapter box office.

For information about the Festival, please visit the KOTATSU ANIMATION FESTIVAL official Website.

Who am I?

I am Asuka Bochenska Tanaka (known as "Akatsuki" in self-publishing/doujin books), I am a Manga Illustrator and LOVE to create!
Since graduating from high school with a major in design I have worked in the Art, Illustration, Manga and Game industries for many years!
I have also been self-publishing my artwork, attending comic conventions and running Manga workshops.

Workshop History

Let's have fun together!

Title: Manga Drawing workshop.
Date: 9/24, 9/25
Age: 12 years or over recommended.
Time: 13:30 - 15:30 (2hrs session)
Price: £20.00 (Equipment included)
Class size: 15ppl (Maximum per session)

Where is Festival?

Chapter Arts Centre
Market Road
Tel: +44(0)29 2030 4400
Visit Chapter official website.

Get in touch and Book!

For your booking, please tell me detail below (Copy and paste it on Email) and send it to me!
Bookings are not available at the Chapter box office or Kotatsu Festival official website.
Payment will be available at the workshop.

Drop-in spaces may be available on the day, but book ahead to avoid disappointment!

Let's Book!

I will be waiting for you on Kotatsu Festival.

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